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Credit Hound


Advanced credit control

Credit Hound is advanced credit control software designed to help you work more proactively and reduce time-consuming admin whilst helping you to manage disputes, improve cash flow and get paid faster. Credit Hound shows you where your money is, with all the information you need on screen to help you chase payments, you can record notes and schedule follow-up calls. Save time carrying out repetitive tasks by setting up rules and actions to automatically send chase letters, put accounts on stop and schedule phone calls. Dispute handling features help you keep track of disputed invoices and its comprehensive reporting system gives you a clear overview of your debtor situation.

Main Features

Dashboard view

see who owes money, how much, promised cash and disputed payments.

Pre-emptive reminders

help to encourage prompt payment.

Automated rules and actions

allows you to automate repetitive tasks.

Interactive aged debtor list

sort and filter in real-time, no more manual check-lists.

Chase screen

see information during calls and record notes.

Calendar reminders

keep on top of your calls with automatically scheduled and updated call reminders.


Range of reports available to assess your efforts and highlight debtor issues.

Consolidated chasing

chase and report at branch or head office level.

Dispute management

tracks and records disputes.

ERP integration

seamless integration, so no re-keying data or manual admin.