One of the big themes that will dominate the digital world in 2018 will be the need to improve security against cyber attacks, according to North East specialists Bowe Digital.

Their expert team predicts that criminal gangs will increasingly use software that can process ever greater amounts of data, meaning that criminals can largely automate attacks. Bowe Digital supports the warning from cyber specialists McAfee who suggest that organisations must step up their response, not just relying on their own software but also focusing on the human element.

The vast majority of cyber security breaches can be attributed to human error, which means that organisations must create policies which mean that everyone working in an organisation knows the basics, like not clicking on suspicious links in emails, not revealing passwords and not visiting potentially risky websites.

Bowe Digital says that only when such policies exist are organisations able to understand and anticipate the patterns of how attacks might occur so providing enhanced defences. Bowe Digital also predicts that the nature of ransomware attacks, where criminals take control of computers and only release them in return for money, may change. Although Bowe Digital predicts that attacks will continue on individuals, the increasing effectiveness of security software may persuade attackers to focus more time and energy on more profitable targets, including businesses.

Bowe Digital also predicts that many business will be caught out when one of the biggest changes in data protection in years occurs in 2018. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enacted on May 25. The European Union first proposed GDPR in 2012 and we are currently coming to the end of a two-year introductory period aimed at giving businesses the chance to prepare for its official arrival. GDPR relates to all organisations that handle EU citizens’ data – and Brexit does not impact on its implementation. This is happening whatever happens with the Brexit negotiations.

Companies holding information will have to make sure they are transparent about what they plan to do with people’s details so that clients’ privacy is respected. Failure to comply could lead to hefty fines and Bowe Digital’s experience is that too many companies, especially smaller ones, are simply not ready.

If you need help, please do talk to Bowe Digital. We can advise on GDPR and remind clients to do things to protect themselves against cyber attack, like not connecting to untrusted networks, not clicking on links in emails from people you do not know and ensuring that passwords cannot easily be guessed.

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