AVID is a leader in the design and manufacture of electrified powertrain components and systems for heavy-duty and high-performance electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV). Our core competencies are the design, validation, and manufacture of high-performance electric motors, power electronics and thermofluids integration.

AVID manufactures a range of electrified powertrain components including electric pumps and fans, battery systems, traction motors and power electronics used in electric and hybrid vehicles.

AVID also have full systems integration and control expertise allowing AVID to rapidly develop complete EV, PHEV, and MHEV powertrain solutions.

The core pillars of the AVID business are Innovation, Agility, Quality and their great team.

Which of our products/services do you use?

  • Professional Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

What issues were you facing with your IT previously?

If we lost a server it would have lost us around £30k and we would have been without a server for days, so we needed a better, safer solution.

What made you choose Bowe?

Bowe are a local company who fit the bill of what we were looking for.

What was built/implemented?

A server system.

What has it meant for your business?

It has meant we save costs on not having to hire an internal IT department. It has also allowed us to worry less about our IT infrastructure.

When dealing with our IT Support, how have you found the service provided, was the information given to you easy to understand?

Our new employees use Bowe’s support to make sure their hardware is ready to use with the correct software, it is always fast and stress free as Bowe take care of it all.

Would you recommend Bowe’s Services to other businesses?

Yes, we have been using Bowe since around the beginning of our company, which was approximately 15 years ago.