Can you really afford not to have a back-up plan?

We recently held our first customer seminar, over 2 sessions and had over 25 customers and prospects from businesses ranging from under 10 employees to over 200 employees’ businesses.

The event was looking at Datto and how this innovative cloud-based solution can benefit your business.

The event started with introductions and it was good to see lots of business cards being exchanged.  As well as being dedicated to IT, we are very eager to always incorporate people interaction in our business.

Datto gave an overview of the dark web and where ransomware attacks come from. They ran a live ransomware attack and spun the system back up in 4 minutes.  To recover from a cyber-attack with Datto cloud back up, it only takes as long as it takes the server to restart.

The biggest threat to your system isn’t cyber-attacks or fire, it’s human error!

So, having a system like Datto in place means your business can deal with interruptions and avoid downtime.  We all know time is money so we really encourage you to get in touch and have a look at what a difference Datto can make.

If you didn’t get the chance to come along but would more information or a free demo give us a call on 0191 214 1750 or click here for more ways to contact us

Look out for more customer events coming up over the next few months.