As an IT business our eye has always been on both elements as in many respects, they are equal in importance to a business.  However, in modern terms, what do they actually mean and what role do they play in your day to day operations.

We consider it essential to talk about this whole subject in a new way given events over recent months, where businesses have had to respond to a massive change in working practices leading companies to look again at the safety of their data and company information whilst remaining operational.

In this blog we look to clarify how and why a business needs to look at the subject of BCDR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery)

How do you define Business Continuity?

Our clear approach to this is more about company structure and working practices. A business needs a clear set of policies and procedures so that when an event occurs, the team know what to do, how and when.  It is vital that they can remain working in a way that enables communication and collaboration with their team.

  • Ensure there is a reliable remote access for the team
  • Ensure team members can file share
  • Ensure the “on site” infrastructure can be achieved

An example of us being involved here would be to ensure you are working with Microsoft Teams which gives you total flexibility and means that anywhere, anytime saying really can apply.  This forms part of a business’s strategy in Business Continuity.  We work closely with many clients on their continuity plan and ensure their IT infrastructure is set up to respond to change.

How do you define Disaster Recovery?

We believe that disaster recovery is part of Business Continuity and is one of the actions that needs to be carried out to recover data should an interruption or event take place.   Many businesses still operate without a back-up plan in place which is a shocking statistic given the level of security threat posed to businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.  A business needs to get software installed and have a person identified as responsible for ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to ensure safe retrieval of data.

An example of how we can support here would be to install Datto on all your devices.  This is a top end solution and can back up all your data including a version specifically for Microsoft 365.  We have a range of solutions available that can all form part of your overall Business Continuity Plan.

Our advice is to ensure you have a plan and have clear communication in your organisation.

For any questions about putting together a business continuity plan, contact our team today on 0191 214 1750.
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