Entrepreneurs are being invited to complete a survey by Government-backed organisation Innovate UK, which is seeking views on innovation.

Innovate UK says it will use the results to strengthen the ways in which it supports innovative companies and, as a company whose digital technologies help many clients find new ways of working, we think it’s well worth offering your views.

Among the questions that Innovate UK is seeking to answer are:

how much effort are you investing in evolving or developing new products, services and processes, as well as in new areas?

how much you expect to grow in the next two years and what the challenges stopping you from doing so?

what are your plans for international activities?

They are seeking views from businesses of any size and age and the survey is open until 23 April 2017 at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/how-does-your-organisation-approach-research-and-innovation innovate uk