Computer memory or more commonly known as RAM (Random Access Memory) is super fast memory used by your computer to store information it needs access to very quickly, for example Microsoft Word when running would be stored in your computers memory. In contrast a document you haven’t edited or have just saved is stored on the computers internal storage, in the modern era this is most commonly an SSD, if you would like some more information about SSD’s please refer to our previous article here.

Issues with your memory can arise mainly from simply not having enough of it, at minimum modern versions of Microsoft Windows recommend at least 8GB of memory to run! Not having enough can cause your computer to run very slowly as it has to dip into much slower internal storage known as a paging file and can often lead to programmes crashing and work being lost. On the bright side installing new faster memory can also breathe new life into previously old and ailing systems and extend the viable lifetime of older systems saving you money in the long term.

Installing memory is considered one of the easier tasks when it comes to upgrading and maintaining computers, our engineer Alex demonstrates in the below video just how easy it is:

As you can see in just under eight seconds the engineer was able to install the memory (RAM) stick into the computer.

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