So, here is a question for you – where in the world do you find the world’s best London Gin?

If that has got you a little puzzled, well, we have the answer………….Newcastle!

How incredible and exciting is this, in the recent World Sprit Awards, the award for best London Gin went to the Newcastle Gin Company, part of the Vaulkhard Group.

Its signature Newcastle London Dry Gin is distilled at Bealim House in Gallowgate where gin fans can see the impressive copper still where it is created.

We are so pleased to hear this news and send all our congratulations to the team at Bealim House.  Having been there recently at our networking event, bite, we continue to see the amazing work they do, and we are so proud to be able to say this award-winning company are on our doorstep.

Being passionate about North East business we are eager to share this excellent news and it just shows how our region yet again is making an impact on the global stage!

Not only that, they also provide us with our referral scheme Gin!

So, now, if you refer someone to us who then buys our services, you will receive an award-winning bottle of Newcastle Gin.

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