Already this year Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system and the patches thus far released have received much media attention, both March and April have seen new patches made available to consumers, each aimed at resolving flaws discovered in the earlier releases.   

To update or not?

It is all too easy to ignore a patch or an update prompt. We know how it is, when you’re busy, with a plethora of tasks to get through during your day, waiting a few minutes for your computer to update is probably the last thing you want to do – but never choose the update later option, always update straight away after consulting with your IT provider.

Ignore patches at your peril

Software updates, like these windows patches, shouldn’t be ignored, as to do so could leave your computers and network at best not working as efficiently as they could do and at worst, vulnerable to security breaches.

The benefits of patches

In fact, installing patches and updates can assist you in a number of ways from providing you with new features to removing redundant ones, and making your system better able to withstand a cyber-threat. Why would you not want your operating system to be working as well as it could do?

Windows 7 improvements   

The latest Windows 7 patch is a good case in point, as it has been specifically designed to resolve 21 vulnerabilities that have been discovered with the operating system, 6 of which have been rated critical, 14 important and 1 moderate – and you can resolve them all with just one update.

Greater security

As Shaun Nichols has highlighted writing in The Register the Windows 7  patch has been released specifically to fix a security hole that has come to light and you certainly don’t want to leave your operating system vulnerable to a security breach. So you can see why it is important to ensure that you have the latest Windows patch installed.

Your operating system

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