Established in 1978 and based in Tyne & Wear, Isoclad Ltd is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of insulated composite panels and offers a complete range of cores manufactured to LPCB Test Standards. They are long term clients of Bowe and you can read here what they have to say about working with us.

Which of our products and services do you use?

  • IT Support
  • Antivirus
  • Backup

What issues were you facing with your previous IT?

Isoclad were a multi-site business at the time and the head office in Southampton moved to Sage so all the other offices had to move to Sage. There was no interface available so they needed a Sage Partner to write an Interface.

What made you choose Bowe?

Isoclad were looking for a local Partner to look after not only Sage but their hardware too, they wanted a Partner who could provide advice and consultancy and grow with the business.

What was built/implemented

Initially Bowe customized Sage for Isoclad, it enabled us to send information to Head Office at the push of a button, saving the business time.

What has it meant for your business?

Isoclad have been with Bowe over 20 years, in the beginning there were only two computers now there are 23. Bowe has allowed Isoclad to move from paper to electronic transactions which speeded up the processes saving both time and money.

When dealing with our IT Support how have you found the service provided?
Was the information given to you easy to understand?

The Service is very good, easy to report and issues are resolved quickly. On the rare occasion things aren’t resolved immediately you are kept up to date. Once the issue is resolved you are given an explanation.

Since working with Bowe has the support provided allowed you to make further strides across your business and within your industry?

As the business has grown Bowe has assisted Isoclad with additional software such as Anti Virus, Firewalls and System Backups making Isoclad more secure and giving us piece of mind.

Would you recommend Bowe’s Services to other businesses?

Yes we definitely would recommend Bowe for both products and services.