What better way to continue our support for our region in the form of our location feature than to highlight a truly unique experience located in the heart of Northumberland.

Kielder Observatory is an incredible facility situated in the Kielder Forest within the largest gold tier Dark Sky Park in Europe.  Due to the vast rural areas in the UK being in Northumberland, this gives the area the benefit of some the darkest skies in the Country.  This stunning attraction plays such a key role in so many aspects of life and in particular a major role in education of science and astronomy.  The main objective of the observatory is to bring as many groups from society together to engage and discuss observations of the universe.

It is incredible to think we have this type of opportunity in our region where people can experience virtual tours, get involved in activities and listen to inspirational talks.  So, whether you want to learn more or simply enjoy the observatory this is a complete “must do” when visiting Northumberland.

Whilst the skies at night are the prime time to really capture the full scope of the facility, you can also admire the wonderful panoramic views during the day.  The facility itself is closed during the day but the spectacular views still attract many walking visitors. Events are run in the evenings and advance booking is highly recommended. In December 2013, Northumberland International Dark Sky Park was awarded International Dark Sky Park status from the IDSA (International Dark Sky Association) and the observatory was a key part of that campaign.  There is a team of highly experienced astronomers who supervise as guests can operate the range of telescopes available.  In addition, there are a group of volunteers who provide excellent support to the full-time team.  The observatory is operated by Kielder Observatory Astronomical Society.

There was a survey in 2018 into Dark Sky Tourism- see PDF below.

We certainly love anything techy and with Kielder being all about space and discovery this is a very popular feature with our team!

For more details on the events being held at the observatory, follow this link