Like a lot of business people, you may worry about cyber security, but there are some simple but effective steps you can take to improve your business’s cyber security.

IT audit

Conduct regular IT audits of your business, so you know what IT equipment and software is being used throughout the business. You may find for example that you are paying for licenses for programmes that are not being utilised. Remove programmes, services, functions and accounts that are not being used to reduce the risk of a data breach and to help your business to be more cost-effective.

At Bowe Digital, we can provide software that will monitor your systems, ensuring that the latest OS security Patches have been applied. Our team has the skills and experience to manage your IT infrastructure, providing the software licenses you need and securing your systems.

Keep up-to-date

Always allow the updates of your software to take place, don’t put them off, as developers are always improving upon their products and strengthening any weaknesses that have come to light. So it is usually best to choose the ‘update now’ option and let your software become the best version possible, just check with your IT provider first to confirm that the updates are compatible with your systems. At Bowe Digital, we are a full-service provider who can ensure that the hardware on your machines matches your requirements and that it is compatible, we can provide anything needed for your IT Infrastructure.

Use strong passwords

Use strong passwords to protect data – there is lots of advice available online on how to create strong passwords, but be sure to incorporate a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols – the longer the better. Above all, don’t use any personal information and don’t use a common word or phrase. Once you’ve chosen your password, don’t use it again, change it regularly and ensure there is clear guidance in your organisation on how passwords should be managed.

Control access to data

Provide access to data on a need to know basis, thereby reducing the likelihood of a security breach and ensuring you can always trace who has had access to what information, when and where. Where data is particularly sensitive, you may want to employ a two-step authentication process, which involves typing in a password followed by a code sent to a mobile for example.

Secure your internet connection

Ensure your business’s internet connection is protected by a firewall, helping to keep your network safe and protect the computers and devices on that network from unsafe incoming traffic. At Bowe Digital, we offer managed firewall services, keeping your internet connection secure.

Malware and virus protection

Always provide protection against malware and viruses; and always keep this protection up-to-date, just like your other software. At Bowe Digital, we offer managed antivirus services, protecting your systems from compromise.

Backup your systems

Backup your systems to keep your data safe and to help provide business continuity should a problem ever occur. At Bowe Digital, we offer local and cloud-based backup solutions at a cost-effective price aimed at the small business. So whether you experience a power outage or accidentally delete some data, you’ll have a backup system that will quickly and conveniently get your business back on track.

It’s not too late to make your business more secure, contact our skilled team to discuss your IT requirements, call us on 0191 214 1750 or email