Established in the late 1990’s and based in Newcastle upon Tyne, TDR Training Ltd deliver apprenticeship training programmes regionally to over 600 apprentices. A fast growing client of Bowe you can read below what they have to say about our working partnership.

Which of our products/services do you use?

TDR use Professional Support and Datto Backup Software.

How does the product/equipment used help maintain and control costs?

The support gives us the opportunity to discuss costs. The good level of service means no downtime so no negative effect, it’s invaluable.

What has it meant for your business?

Bowe gives us the confidence to not have to look over our shoulder as we know it’s taken care of. Any questions the Director has he knows he can trust the answer.

What impact did introducing the new product/support have on employees?

We acquired another site in November 2016 and BOWE were instrumental in the reconfiguration and integration of that site infrastructure into our HQ system at Q1, very little of this work involved or impacted on the staff at TDR Training, allowing the Directors, Managers and Leads to concentrate on the day to day work of both sites.

When dealing with our IT Support, how have you found the service provided, was the information given to you easy to understand?

The service provided is excellent and all the support team provide explanations that are easy to understand. We have found that they like to share and to inform clients.

To ensure maximum security and safeguard sensitive information how has Bowe dealt with any questions or uncertainty from yourself?

We were previously the victims of a ransomware attack which was identified very early one morning & Bowe were onsite by 6.30am, stemmed the destruction of the data and recovered us in a couple of days. They advised TDR how best to deal with any future attacks and to mitigate any business disruption, we were very impressed with the advice. BOWE installed Datto Backup so that if there was another attack we could be up and running in minutes as part of our disaster recovery process.

Since working with Bowe has the support provided allowed you to make further strides across your business and within your industry?

TDR have been clients of Bowe since 1998, when we started there were only 9 staff there are now 45. Our apprentices have gone from 13 in 2002 to over 600 now.

How has this impacted your business?

TDR can access different platforms with confidence, knowing we have the support behind us should we get into any difficulty that requires an ICT solution.

Would you recommend the services of Bowe to other businesses?

Absolutely and we have done so in the past.