Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the People’s kitchen in Newcastle City Centre and talked to a couple of its generous volunteers, socially distanced of course.

The People’s kitchen was founded back in 1985 by a then 70 year old Alison Kay who was so affected by hearing of the death of a homeless man she set up what was later to become People’s kitchen. Originally set up near the railway arches on Dean street, Alison and her volunteers offered food, clothing, and a warm welcome to anyone who needed it.

Alison was supported throughout by a team of generous volunteers and sponsors.  In 1997 she was given an honorary degree by Newcastle University. In 2001 Alison passed away aged 91 years but the People’s kitchen continues her work providing friendship and food to anyone who need support.

The People’s kitchen provides food, support, and clothing to not just homeless people but anyone who needs their support. They provide up to 150 hot meals every evening cooked from scratch Monday to Friday and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. As with most businesses in recent months they have had to change how they offer meals to a takeaway service, still supporting those who need it. They have provided friends with wellbeing packs, clothes and food and made welfare calls to stop people feeling isolated.

As with any charity they need support especially with tinned meats, tinned vegetables, cooking sauces (not soup or beans at the minute), check out their website for an up to date list of what they need.

Like lots of businesses we wanted to do something to support a local charity. The whole team got involved and donated money and we went and stocked up on a trolley full of food from the list on their website.

The Peoples kitchen are now gearing up for Christmas and they have just launched the ‘Feed a friend for a fiver’ campaign. This means that friends who need it can enjoy their dinner too, in good company and not feel isolated.

If you would also like to support the charity click on here to find out more.