VH Bio Limited is a leading supply and distribution company for the life sciences industry within the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, specialising in key areas of science including Transplant Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Cell Biology.

The core ethos of the business is to strive to continuously progress the service they provide; by only delivering quality products that are current and innovative and employing scientists with the knowledge to support both the products and the customer.

The company has strong environmental and social ethics which drive us to be increasingly aware, both environmentally and socially, to aid both the business
and the wider world in which we operate.

Which of our products/services do you use?

We use Bowe Digital for all our IT Support.

What issues were you facing with your previous IT?

We were facing issues with unreliability, frustrating response times and changes to our systems that didn’t suit our business.

What made you choose Bowe?

Where possible, we always try to support local businesses, so this was a factor when choosing Bowe, but having used Bowe for their services in the past we knew they were reliable, and good at what they do so this decision was easy!

What was built/implemented?

Since moving over to Bowe, our IT systems have gone from strength to strength. We’ve had new hardware installed, an upgrade to our email system and several other improvements over the years.

What has it meant for your business?

The service has been brilliant, it has helped us to progress, knowing that we are fully supported with our IT.

When dealing with our IT Support, how have you found the service provided, was the information given to you easy to understand?

The IT Support has been seamless, easy to understand and above all, they get the job done.

Since working with Bowe has the support provided allowed you to make further strides across your business and within your industry?

As mentioned previously, knowing that we can trust the support has enabled us to grow and progress in other areas.

Would you recommend Bowe’s Services to other

This goes without saying, we would highly recommend Bowe’s services as a first choice for any business.