Your IT systems are crucial to the running of your business, so it makes sense to ensure those systems run smoothly with good IT support.

When it comes to IT, reactive support resolves issues once they have occurred. Proactive support aims to prevent any issues from occurring or escalating.

For Bowe Digital, this means that even when our clients don’t call upon us, our proactive monitoring software is checking the performance of their system. The software monitors every workstation, whether a laptop or a desktop, and if it spots a fault, it fixes it. If it can’t, it raises a ticket which is picked up and actioned by one of our engineers within 30 minutes for business-critical issues or within one hour for non-business-critical issues.

Our proactive monitoring software tracks key areas such as connectivity, disk space, security, backup failures and more.

Our proactive IT support isn’t just limited to hardware. Cyber security threats constantly pose a risk to businesses, therefore proactive support is just as critical as reactive support. That is why, as part of our Professional IT support package we offer our clients Webroot. Webroot’s Business Antivirus Protection protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more, in real time. It enables endpoint management anywhere, anytime, online. Webroot offers protection utilising machine learning which classifies and scores 95% of the internet 3 times per day. This gives our customers peace of mind that their systems are safe.

What are the benefits of proactive IT support?

Proactive IT support ensures your systems are performing optimally at all times. As our proactive monitoring software is always analysing the performance of our customer’s system, any faults are detected immediately. This means that areas which could become an issue are resolved before our customers feel any impact, often saving valuable time and mitigating the financial impact of any downtime or outages.

We also take a proactive approach to the service we provide our customers. Committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers we take the time to truly understand their objectives, processes, and ambitions. In addition, our team of technical engineers have their fingers on the pulse of the technology industry. These factors allow us to anticipate our customers’ needs and review and refine the services offered, all to ensure they are receiving the best suited solution to meet their requirements.

As a leading IT support company, Bowe Digital recognises that all businesses are different and therefore we offer a choice of IT support. We have our IT Support Standard, and our IT Support Professional package which includes proactive IT monitoring.

For IT support in Newcastle upon Tyne, or the wider North East area, contact us.