During these challenging times one of the things for businesses to think about, apart from your’s and your family’s heath is how safe is your business.

Already increasing in startling numbers, cyber attacks continue to be a daily occurrence, Unfortunately the hackers are using the current situation to their advantage. Hopefully these free tips will go some way to keep your business safe;


Potentially the weakest link to your business. Ensure you have a strong password, not one that you use for multiple sites, a mixture of numbers, letters and characters, cases and the longer the better. We would recommend using a free password manager like LastPass to store all your uniquely generated and hard to remember passwords in. This keeps life really simple with the Chrome browser plugin and the mobile app to assist you where you need access to your passwords. There are also Enterprise level solutions available.

Anti Virus

this is the software that helps stop viruses getting into your system, there are lots of different options available, we recommend Webroot which is bank standard software. If you are an HSBC customer they were giving it to their customers.

Back ups

Make sure wherever possible you are backing up your system regularly at least onto a hard drive. Ideally a cloud back up solution is best but any form of back up is better than none at all. For Microsoft 365 users there is also a SAAS back up solution for individual accounts.


Be extra vigilant with emails and attachments, if you aren’t sure about it don’t open it, see link to our Phishing post https://www.bowe.co.uk/phishing-what-is-it-how-can-we-protect-ourselves/

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